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The world of MotoBike was born as an alternative between motorcycle and electric MTB; for this reason companies all over the world (few for now) have launched themselves in the production of very simple frames with hub motors, assembling their bikes with medium-low end components. The average prices of these products are around € 8,000 to more than € 12,000, providing, in our opinion, products with a low price quality. Our intent is to supply the best performing central engine bikes, with the highest quality that can be found on the market.

- 30 Kg, isn't it an extremely high weight for a bike?

Being a hybrid between bikes and motorbikes, our products are equipped with an engine, battery and electronics that release power and torque several times higher than those provided by electric MTBs; for this reason, a few kg more, in addition to providing a more "robust" frame, offers more stability and inertia at high speeds. If we consider a 21 kg and 250W E-MTB and a 31 kg and 4,000W MotoBike, we will immediately notice a very different weight / power ratio!

- Yes, but with such a powerful engine, you lose the taste of fatigue and training!

In reality, the MotoBikes (let's talk about those with the pedals) are equipped with an independent hybrid pedaling system associated with the accelerator knob; this allows, in a nutshell, to be able to manage the engine power output at any time from zero to 100%. So the effort of muscle pedaling can be managed in the mode preferred by the user, giving that "manual" dispensing sensation that E-MTBs do not allow.

- Are MotoBikes difficult to use?

Absolutely not; independent management between the throttle grip and pedaling is an act that implies only a minimum of coordination between the wrist and your legs: this usually happens in an arc of about 30 minutes of practice. The beauty of learning to manage the vehicle in a way we are not used to is also a fun way to discover a new driving style!

- Do MotoBikes need special maintenance?

Absolutely not; ordinary maintenance is very similar to a normal electric MTB: a minimum of care during washing, periodic lubrication and control of the tightening of the nuts and bolts allow you to better maintain your vehicle.

- How can I do for assistance and spare parts?

Agazzini Bike provides 360 ° assistance for any type of post-sales problem, be it mechanical or electronic. To simplify maintenance as much as possible, we have created our MotoBikes using the largest number of "standard" components: this allows each user to be able to go to their trusted mechanic for 90% of the problems that may occur during use. This thought for the most distant customers, but also for the simplification of the maintenance of everyone!