Our Histyory

Our shop opens to the public for the first time in 2016, associating the company already started selling sustainable design and architecture services, that of electric MotoBike as a lifestyle and a new way of living off-road.
The interest in this sector stems from our passion for off-road on two wheels: over the years we have always followed the desire to give us emotions driving a MTB and an Enduro motorcycle.

This last segment has increasingly become a "niche" segment, as, rightly, regulatory restrictions have led administrations to become increasingly severe with users who practice this motor sport on the paths of the national territory: the MotoBike electric therefore wants to be the right alternative for an off-road vehicle compatible with the environment and with users who practice our paths.

So, in spring 2016, the visit to Barcelona in the brand new Bultaco Motors factory prompted us to believe in this project and to invest time and money to establish the first Italian store of the Spanish brand. From here, our passion has grown more and more, leading us to explore various products within this new world and also bringing us all the initial difficulties that a new project entails.

The familiarity gained in the maintenance and in the choice of the best components, both electronic and mechanical, has grown steadily: already in 2017 we provided 360° assistance on our products and the possibility to customize the MotoBikes to better meet the various needs of customers .

Over time our experience increased, so much so as to push us to think even bigger: having clear the strengths and weaknesses of the various products, the idea of ​​how the "Moto Bike" should have been for us became more concrete.

So, after a year and a half of projects, research and field tests, we managed to make our first series of Made in Italy electric MotoBikes and market them in the first twenty specimens in summer 2019: this was a great success, which gave us still motivates us to take our project higher and higher!

If you come to visit us, we will be happy to let you touch our PRODUCTS and, why not, to let you experience an absolutely NEW driving sensation!

We are waiting for you

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