These general conditions of sale of the Company Agazzini & C. Snc (combined "distributor") take place all the orders, sales and deliveries of the products that the Company markets in the sole quality of distributor through the catalog, offers, advertising and quotes by means of electronic commerce, distance selling or orally. The general conditions are imposed on businesses, legal persons, professionals and generals on consumers, as defined by current legislation and in particular Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n.206, regulated by the "Consumer Code".

Purchases made by the proposer to the distributor are foreseen according to the activities and needs of the proposer. All orders presuppose full and unconditional acceptance of these general conditions of sale. The general purchase conditions are specific to the proposer and are irrelevant to the interpretation and application of this contract.

Quotes, Orders

Only estimates submitted in writing and during the period indicated in the estimate itself are considered valid according to the law. Orders can be used and are validly received by Agazzini & C. Snc at the addresses specifically indicated by the same, by telephone, by post, by fax, by letterhead or with the customer's stamp, or by e-mail. The contract must be considered concluded by itself following formal acceptance by the distributor. The distributor reserves the right to confirm the order by any useful means with the customer's specific communication. The proposer must verify the order confirmation and immediately communicate any error, omission or non-compliance with the order itself. Otherwise, the sales contract will be determined on the basis of the order confirmation sent by the distributor. The orders requested by the proposer or by a solicitor or other person authorized by the act in his name or account produced by their legal effects for the customer.


The prices are guaranteed by the distributor and are specific in the Purchase Proposal.

Terms of payment

The payment of the goods is agreed by bank transfer or other agreed forms of payment, net and without discount. Failure to pay the goods in full upon delivery of data will result in the debtor's compensation for the failure to perform and the lump-sum interest established on the basis of the percentage sum resulting from the legal rate determined on the basis of current legislation (with respect to the prices of Legislative Decree no. 231/2002) with respect to the VAT included price. This clause does not affect the immediate collectability of the credit.

Delivery time

Delivery times are established in good faith, unless impediments are foreseen by chance or force majeure, and an indicative title is intended to be presented. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, a delay in delivery times cannot, in any case, justify a right of withdrawal or compensation. In the event that the ordered goods are not available in the warehouse, delivery will take place on the basis of the actual supply capacity of the supplier. In this case the distributor will communicate to the customer an expected delivery date.

Transfer of ownership of the goods and charges borne by the customer upon delivery

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer is required to check correspondence, as well as physical and functional integrity. Any damage or deficiencies must be promptly communicated to the carrier and mentioned in the Waybill before signing, or proceed by placing the word "ACCEPTANCE WITH RESERVE" and signature on the Waybill. The goods must be promptly checked and any defects concerning the physical integrity, non-correspondence or completeness of the products received, must be reported to the distributor within 48 hours by means of a registered letter or PEC. The transfer of ownership of the product is intended to favor the customer at the time of full payment of the agreed price, without prejudice to the passage of risk on the asset due to the delivery of the latter. In case of non-payment in full within the terms indicated, the distributor will have the right to demand the immediate return of the delivered products.


The price and shipping methods are agreed in the purchase proposal.The customer accepts products that are not collected directly at the distributor's premises, travel at his own risk. Therefore the distributor assumes no responsibility for damage / theft caused to products during transport.


If the products do not comply with the description in the Purchase Proposal in terms of quality or quantity, the customer must send a specific complaint to the distributor in writing within 7 days of delivery. No product will be accepted unless prior agreement and on condition that the goods are returned intact and still in their original packaging. Transport costs and risks are borne by the customer. Returns of products that have characteristics corresponding to those indicated in the orders and that are suitable for use will not be accepted.